One Word At A Time: NaNoWriMo Wants A Novel Out of YOU!

Get cracking. No excuses this time. Join the 151,657 other writers who have already signed up to try to write a 50,000-word novel in November, sponsored by NaNoWriMo. That’s National Novel Writing Month.

I loved doing this last year and plan on doing it again. It is a great exercise. The best way to write a novel. The pressure is off and all you do is write. You don’t worry. You don’t fret. You lose your perfectionism, shed your inhibition, and go for it.

Last year, I was able to produce my first children’s book, “The Above-Ground Railroad Parrot Society.” I still have not gotten around to doing the editing, but I have it.

You don’t have time to sit there and think of that unforgettable first sentence. You go right into the lousy second sentence and keep writing. I averaged 1,672 words a day. You’re a winner if you write 50,000 words. A short, sweet, complete novel. Here’s the opening to my novel:

“Don’t stare,” Pete Tembel hissed. He stood behind the counter of his store, Pete’s Pet Shop, and glanced up from his cash register.

“I’m not,” said Jade Willoughby, but she couldn’t help noticing the woman with very puffy blond hair piled on the top of her head by the Quaker parrots’ cage in the front of the shop. Jade whispered, “I just don’t want that lady to buy my favorite parrot.”

I encourage all you you to try it. It’s really fun. You see that you can get a novel finished one word at a time.

Click here if you like to sign up on and tell us how you did. The guidelines are easy, it’s for free, and you feel like you’ve joined a symphony of human creation.

About dianabletter

Diana Bletter is the author of several books, including The Invisible Thread: A Portrait of Jewish American Women (with photographs by Lori Grinker), shortlisted for a National Jewish Book Award. Her novel, A Remarkable Kindness, (HarperCollins) was published in 2015. She is the First Prize Winner of Moment Magazine's 2019 Fiction Contest. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, tabletmag, Glamour, The Forward, The North American Review, Times of Israel, and is a reporter for Israel21C, and many other publications. She is author of Big Up Yourself: It's About Time You Like Being You and The Mom Who Took off On Her Motorcycle, a memoir of her 10,000-mile motorcycle trip to Alaska and back to New York. She lives in a small beach village in Western Galilee, Israel, with her husband and family. She is a member of the local hevra kadisha, the burial circle, and a Muslim-Jewish-Christian-Druze women's group in the nearby town of Akko. And, she likes snowboarding and climbing trees.
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6 Responses to One Word At A Time: NaNoWriMo Wants A Novel Out of YOU!

  1. I’m signed up, Diana. Signed up and terrified!

  2. You go, girl!
    Keep us posted on the progress.

  3. juliabarrett says:

    Good luck! I barely have time to brush my teeth let alone do nanowrimo.

  4. Diana, all the best with NaNoWriMo. I hope you make time to edit last year’s book.

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