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Tool For Tuesday: Act As If.

I know the goal is honesty here, not an Academy Award. But this is a great tool. It’s a skill. If we act as if…. then the feelings catch up. After the death of her father, Joelle said she could … Continue reading

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John Chancellor: Habits…And How To Get Things Done

  I’d like to welcome John Chancellor, Author of Lessons in Life – Stories that Touch the Heart, Teach the Soul who is also one of Amazon’s top 500 book reviewers. I’m eager–as I’m sure you are, too–to hear about him! Diana: … Continue reading

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I’m honored that Marylin Warner who writes a moving blog tribute to her mother–including thoughts on literature, philosophy, history and the beauty of snowy winters–has nominated my post, “If You Lose It, You Lose It,” for a Best Moment Award. … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Safe Room?

My friend Joelle called me to complain about her boyfriend’s sister the other day. Joelle used to complain about Connie to her boyfriend but that only caused arguments between them. Now she’s learned. What do you accomplish when you diss … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: If You Spot It, You Got It.

My friend Lily had a presentation to prepare for at a major business conference. A colleague of hers—we’ll call her Sandra—said, “I hope your presentation isn’t going to be boring and full of details.” Lily said defensively, “It isn’t!” But … Continue reading

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On Motherhood and Self-Publishing: Tania Elfersy, Author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

I’m  happy to welcome Tania Elfersy, author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries, an award-winning book for Moms. The reflections of the women in the book (interspersed with lovely illustrations) are intimate and emotional and also entertaining. Here’s my interview with … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: A Mother’s Top Ten Commandments

If you lose it, you lose it. Don’t lose control. If you do, then your kids will lose control and a bad situation only gets worse. Happy mother, happy children. Your children are your mirrors. If you’re judgmental, critical, and … Continue reading

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Writing From The Heart: Here’s Your Chance To Sell Your Stuff

I’m a big fan of Danielle LaPorte and I’m happy to announce she’s starting a new magazine full of inspiration and insights. If you are twitching to write, here’s your chance…She’s calling for submissions for the first issue of Danielle, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: More Tried-And-True Tips and Tools

“Stop whining!” I heard a mother tell her daughter the other day. Well, that’s a start. But a child is trying to say something and doesn’t know how to express herself. Telling her to stop whining might shut her up … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Don’t Make Nothing From Something. Make Something From Nothing.

“The world is like a book that can be read in either direction,” wrote Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz. “There is the power of creation, making something out of nothing. And then there is the power of destruction, making nothing out … Continue reading

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