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Big Up Yourself: It’s About Time You Like Being You

Big Up Yourself: It’s About Time You Like Being You gives you the easiest, smartest, and fastest tools to help you big up yourself. What does that mean? To like who you are. Right here and right now. You’ll learn about … Continue reading

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Who is Rich?

My friend, Lily, just got engaged. Mazel tov, mazel tov, the sound of breaking glass is not far behind. (For those who don’t know, under the chuppah, or wedding canopy, the groom steps on a glass at the end of … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde: On Being Yourself.

I couldn’t pass this one up from Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself: everyone else is already taken.” Wilde could have written not only, The Importance of Being Earnest, but The Importance of Being You. And just think, he was jailed for … Continue reading

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Hermann Hesse: On Walking the Road to Reach Our True Selves & Nine Other Inspiring Quotes.

  Each man’s life represents a road toward himself. —Herman Hesse Here are nine other inspiring quotes for today to think about. Practice forgiveness. First forgive yourself. Then forgive everyone else. We each live with joys, sorrows, challenges, disappointments, fears, … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Everything We Do Out of Guilt Turns Into a Future Resentment.

We’re students of life. We sometimes do things we don’t want to do because we want to be nice or because we’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or because we have a high tolerance for emotional pain and think, “Oh, … Continue reading

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Are You Waiting for Heaven? Or Is Heaven in You? Some Notes On Heaven and Hell.

I read a story about a wise man (how come these stories always feature a “wise man” and not a wise woman? Never mind!) Anyway, the man  had a dream that he got to heaven and was very disappointed. All … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Mark Your Boundaries.

You are you and they are they. Sometimes, we don’t know where we end and the people we love begin. We want to help people but sometimes we rob them of the failures that they need in order to grow … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: When Does Doing Good Go Bad?

Last week’s Tool For Tuesday was about helping others. But there’s a flip side. When does helping turn into enabling? When does saying yes too often turn into people-pleasing? And when you say yes, is it only because you’re scared … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Surprising News. Want More? Give More Away.

Check out this photo. My husband, Jonny, and I were at the wedding of our unofficially adopted daughter, Degetu Mamo, three years ago. And last month, she gave birth to her second child, Omer, an entirely cute boy. Her first … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: You’re Only as Sick as the Secrets You Keep.

  Today–when searching for a tool for Tuesday–I read a quote from Charles F. Kettering, “A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved.” A problem can be like a secret, something we’re ashamed to share. But we need to remind ourselves … Continue reading

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