Here are links to some of my writing:

“What If I’ve Changed My Mind?” First Place Winner, Moment Magazine’s Short Fiction Contest, July 2020

“A Place in Time, Not All Frozen,” The New York Times, November 19, 2009

“One Kiss, One Baby, One God,” Commentary Magazine, January 2015.

“War on the Horizon,” August 29, 2013. The Wall Street Journal

“Moving Targets in Israel,” July 29th, 2014. The Wall Street Journal 

“Two Mothers in Israel,” May 9, 2007. The New York Times.

“Arabic Lesson,” June 4, 2010. The New York Times.

“When Words Do Not Suffice,” October 12, 2012, The New York Times.

“Wobble and Weave,” The New York Times

“Diversity Makes Life Rich: A Day in the Life in Israel.” Huffington Post

“Israel’s Freedom Riders,” Tablet

“A Bridge Too Far,” Tablet

“IDF Vets Fight for Better PR,” Tablet

“Yom Kippur Lessons from my Quirky Jewish Mother,” Kveller

“Why I’m Glad My Mother Raised me a Tomboy,” Kveller

“Buried Treasure,” Story, First Prize Winner, Family Circle

“What’s Anna O Got to Do With It?” The Forward

“A Scribe Among Scribes,” Jewish Book Council

“Top Eleven Inspirational Quotes for Writers,” Jewish Book Council

“A Sixty-year old Friendship of Muslim and Jew,” Times of Israel

“Preparing an Auschwitz Survivor for Her Final Resting Place,” The Forward

New York to Alaska on Motorcycle, The Hairpin

“What Jews Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Being Jews” Lilith Magazine, November 1, 2019

“Educators Kibbutz in Acre,” Jerusalem Post

“Bilingual Gan on a Kibbutz

“Podcast Offers a Branch of Hope,” Jerusalem Post

“After ‘Shisel,’ what’s next for Michael Aloni?” Jerusalem Post

Before it Sold to Google for $200 million, Breezometer’s CEO Talks Air Quality, Israel21C

The Nano-Tech Scientist in Israel, Israel21C

“The Circassians in Israel,” Israel21C

Lab-Grown Diamonds and Benny Landa, Israel21C

Local Women Cooking in Akko, Israel21C

All the Stories in Israel – Dafna Prenner of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” Israel21C


  1. Molly says:

    I just re-read your article “Two Mothers” and it’s just such an emtional piece… Gave me the goosebumps I’m sorry that there is suffering over the world for things that shouldn’t happen. Peace and Love to us all.

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