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Use What You’ve Got. Want What You Already Have.

A farmer was trying to get her geese to lay golden eggs. She played her flute, hoping to inspire them. She played and played. A few eggs plopped out but not one of them was golden. “Did you have a … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: How Do You Ask For What You Want?

My friend Joelle is about to move to a new apartment. She asked me, “What are good strategies to help me get the most help from Shawn during my move?” Shawn is her off-and-on boyfriend. Right away, can’t you smell … Continue reading

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Ran Zilca: Never Allow Fear to be in the Driver’s Seat.

Happy to welcome Ran Zilca. You’ll soon see why there’s a photo of him and Deepak Chopra staring back at you! Diana: Welcome, Ran Zilca! My blog is about living your best chapter each day. Tell us what do you … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: Tips for How to Make Up and Move On

I wrote, “If you’re burning, you’re learning,” in my last post. You can look at it here. (But, “basically speaking,” as my Scottish friend always says, what I wrote was this: We burn inside when we are aware that we … Continue reading

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Are You Burning? That Means You’re Learning.

“Did you get my Adidas?” my husband, Jonny, asked me. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said. But in truth, I hadn’t really checked. Jonny and my stepson had three pairs of shoes delivered and I hadn’t paid attention to which kind … Continue reading

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Life Doesn’t Come to You. You Make it Happen.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Jansen, author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment on my blog here. Liz has great insights into transformation and other subjects. This time round, she interviewed me on her blog. But not … Continue reading

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