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Claire Cook: We’ve All Got The Power To Make Our Own Dreams Come True

Best-sellling author Claire Cook’s latest book, Wallflower in Bloom, is a delightful story of Deidre Griffin finally finding her own courage to step out from behind her brother Tag’s shadow. Tag is a famous self-made guru and the book follows … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Do the Small Things Big

We had a job chart for all six kids when they were young. One of our sons, Tom, always tried to sneak his way out of his chores or he’d do them without really trying. He swept the floor with … Continue reading

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Don’t Listen to Your Mother On This One: Talk to Strangers

I’m happy to share my interview David Topus, author of Talk to Strangers; How Everyday, Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income and Life (John Wiley and Sons, 2012), a surprising look at how opening yourself up to strangers … Continue reading

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Looking for The Wizard of Oz

We interrupt this program to bring you a special announcement. The book cover for The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle arrived! And in another proof that the universe operates with synchronicity, I am presenting it today, which is … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Dial 911

A while ago, I had to go to court to take care of some family business. My friend, Kate, volunteered to go with me—under one condition. “Ask me,” she said. “Ask me to go with you. Don’t be ashamed to … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: Sometimes People Can’t Say the Words We Long to Hear

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! For my friend, Sam, the one with the tropical fish who shared the reminder, “don’t let other people live rent free in your head” (you can read that here), it’s a bittersweet day. He’s … Continue reading

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Quiz: Do You Read Other People’s Emails?

Lily couldn’t resist. Her boyfriend, Luke, (read about him and the case of the missing towels here) left his email account open and she knew she shouldn’t…but just this once…just one peek…he left the account open… She found a letter … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: Courtesy Begins at Home

My friend Joelle jokes that she has a black belt in “tongue fu.” I had to laugh but she was serious. She said that when she was growing up, the pastor of her church thought that she had a perfect family. … Continue reading

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Who Gave You Courage to Begin Your Best Chapter?

In a moving essay in Sunday’s New York Times, Jane Mendolsohn wrote that Amelia Earhart “inspired me to face the unknown, the empty sky, the blank page….She inspired me to begin my life.” Before I took off on my motorcycle … Continue reading

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Take the Quiz: Are You An Under-Doer Or an Over-Doer?

Take the quiz to find out if you’re an under-doer or an over-doer. When you’re feeling insecure, do you shop too much to feel better? Or do you deprive yourself of basic things? When you’re upset, do you eat too … Continue reading

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