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Tool For Tuesday: 5 Tips on Building Self-Esteem

My friend, Erika–the one who asked me, “How do you stop the pain of being alive?” — asked me another question, “How do you build self-esteem?” “Well, what do you feel like?” “Like I’m 6 years old.” “And what do you … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Weekly Book Review: The Lesson of the Book Title

  A woman once approached my friend, Maggie, and asked her in a very smug way, “How could are you at accepting advice and criticism?” Maggie shot her a withering look and said, “I don’t do advice and criticism. Only … Continue reading

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On Motherhood and Self-Publishing: Tania Elfersy, Author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

I’m  happy to welcome Tania Elfersy, author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries, an award-winning book for Moms. The reflections of the women in the book (interspersed with lovely illustrations) are intimate and emotional and also entertaining. Here’s my interview with … Continue reading

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You Have To Make It Happen For Yourself. (In All Areas of Your Life and not just Writing.)

More on self-publishing since I’m getting closer to launching THE MOM WHO TOOK OFF ON HER MOTORCYCLE. This update on  the DO’s and DON’T’s of self-publishing is from Anne Kleinberg, author of Menopause in Manhattan (How’s that for a title?) who spoke … Continue reading

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How Your Dog Can Teach You How to Behave

I loved my dog, Happy, because he wasn’t an annoying barker like some dogs. He only barked when he really felt something. If something was truly important or if someone was truly in danger. Why can’t we all be more … Continue reading

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Take the Quiz: Are You An Under-Doer Or an Over-Doer?

Take the quiz to find out if you’re an under-doer or an over-doer. When you’re feeling insecure, do you shop too much to feel better? Or do you deprive yourself of basic things? When you’re upset, do you eat too … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Always Start Cleaning From The Exact Same Corner

In keeping with the relatively new tradition (begun five minutes ago) of providing you with a Tool for Tuesday, here’s a simple, effective tool to help you make this your best chapter. It’s a little thing that is really a … Continue reading

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Switching That Old, Worn “Back Story”

This post is about my friend, Lily. I shared the saga of her towels here. Yesterday, she related an argument she had with her middle daughter the other day. Lily, by the way, has three girls, ages 15, 19 and 21, which — … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Towels

Remember my friend, Lily? She’s the one who taught me the lesson that “anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” (If you want to read that post, it’s here.) All Lily wanted was new towels.Her boyfriend has ripped, stained, faded, shredded … Continue reading

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