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Want Joy? Remember He’s the Sandpaper. You’re the Wood.

Everyone is in our lives for a reason. Someone annoying you today? Thank him. Thank him because your soul needs him to learn a spiritual lesson. You need the annoying driver in front of you to teach you patience. You … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

My friend Lily—who asked, “To buy…or not to buy my own towels for my boyfriend’s house here—posed another challenge yesterday about connecting the dots. She said that she wants to make sure she connects the dots with her boyfriend–not too … Continue reading

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If It Feels Wrong, Then You’re Doing Right

Yesterday, my friend Joelle (apple wedges, not slices) called me. Distraught and depressed. She told me that her sister is up to her eyeballs in a lethal swirl of prescription drugs and alcohol and Joelle has been trying to get … Continue reading

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Switching That Old, Worn “Back Story”

This post is about my friend, Lily. I shared the saga of her towels here. Yesterday, she related an argument she had with her middle daughter the other day. Lily, by the way, has three girls, ages 15, 19 and 21, which — … Continue reading

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