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“Shtisel” Star Michael Aloni On His Upcoming TV Series, Family, Love and History

 I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the set of the upcoming TV series, “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” where I spoke to the actors, producers and director of the show. Up in the hills of Safed, in a … Continue reading

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New Twist on the Old Serenity Prayer.

Your toughest experience can be your best lesson. I learned this when my husband, Jonny, and I combined our six children—three boys and three girls all under the age of eleven—into one blended family. I had the hardest time with … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Safe Room?

My friend Joelle called me to complain about her boyfriend’s sister the other day. Joelle used to complain about Connie to her boyfriend but that only caused arguments between them. Now she’s learned. What do you accomplish when you diss … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: You Can Pick Your Friends and You Can Pick Your…Word. (And I Did.)

So, when we last met, we were rummaging around our brain cells and heart veins and soul spaces for that word of the year. My friend, Anne, wrote, “My best word forever and ever is love. Such an easy one … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Don’t Dance the Either/Or Tango

Either I love him or I hate him…either I am angry at him or I adore him… We don’t have to do that either/or tango. We can love someone and still be angry at them–even though it’s tough. When Wilbur the … Continue reading

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Want Joy? Remember He’s the Sandpaper. You’re the Wood.

Everyone is in our lives for a reason. Someone annoying you today? Thank him. Thank him because your soul needs him to learn a spiritual lesson. You need the annoying driver in front of you to teach you patience. You … Continue reading

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Switching That Old, Worn “Back Story”

This post is about my friend, Lily. I shared the saga of her towels here. Yesterday, she related an argument she had with her middle daughter the other day. Lily, by the way, has three girls, ages 15, 19 and 21, which — … Continue reading

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What Can You Do When Someone You Love is Down in the Dumps?

What do you do when the person you love is down in the dumps? It’s hard to see someone you love so depressed. My friend Mike wrote me that when his wife is miserable, she wears her shoulders for earrings. … Continue reading

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Zip the Lip

Wouldya keep your mouth shut? One of the best things I’ve learned about how to make my day run smoother is to get some space between what my brain wants to sputter and what I know my mouth should speak. … Continue reading

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