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Yom Kippur Lessons from My Quirky Jewish Mother

Here’s an article that I wanted to post for those of you who don’t see my FB page from Yom Kippur Lessons from My Quirky Jewish Mother SHARE TWEET PIN IT 232 SHARES DIANA BLETTERSEP 22, 2015 12:14PM My mother … Continue reading

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One Reason I’m Lighting Hanukkah Candles Again This Year

The following article appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2011 and I’m reprinting it here: This Hanukkah, I’m lighting the candles in memory of Prisoner A-1175. Her name was Marta Paran and that was the number tattooed into her arm … Continue reading

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Which Part of Your Body Hurts? And What’s The Spiritual Message?

My friend Lily was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. After treatment, she’s OK and feeling fine. She found a lense on that discusses spiritual meaning of different physical ailments. It’s the soul-body connection. Where was Lily’s cancer? Left breast. … Continue reading

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What Can You Do When Someone You Love is Down in the Dumps?

What do you do when the person you love is down in the dumps? It’s hard to see someone you love so depressed. My friend Mike wrote me that when his wife is miserable, she wears her shoulders for earrings. … Continue reading

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I Love Ya, But Having Said That…

Today’s topic is how we can love the people we don’t necessarily like. Or how come we don’t like the people we are supposed to love… I was talking about that with my friend Ellie who has a tough time … Continue reading

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