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Interview With Cynthia Morris: Tapping Your Juju

I’m happy to welcome Cynthia Morris, author of the novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach, and owner of Original Impulse. First: her novel, which gives readers a passport into Paris before World War II and insights into the life of Sylvia Beach, … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday. Think Football. Block That Resentment.

OK, we all have someone we love to resent. Our Billboard Top 10 List. Our secret someone. Sometimes it’s almost like a love affair, all that time we waste being angry, hurt, seething at that special someone. We justify it, … Continue reading

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The Lesson Of the Ash Tree

  My friend Sam was telling me about the morning he sat looking at an ash tree. He saw the passing of time, the strength, the resilience. “From an ash tray?” I asked. I was thinking of looking at my … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Let The Show Begin

“The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30,” said Lorne Michaels, creator of “Saturday Night Live.” I was thinking about that as I struggled to make the final touches on The Mom Who Took … Continue reading

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Are Prayers Like Pixie Dust?

Sorry, but no matter how hard you pray, you might not win the lottery, avoid sickness, escape disaster, death, loss, or pain. Prayers are not bargains. There’s no “If I do this, give me that.” We won’t be able to … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: If You Feel Like S**t, You’re Being Fertilized To Grow

For my older daughter Amalia’s 19th birthday, my 18-year-old younger daughter Libby bought her a compost shed. What better celebration for the earth than a girl getting an ugly black plastic box to recycle garbage rather a coupon for the … Continue reading

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Rise: A Talk With Writer Yosef Gotlieb

I’m happy to welcome Yosef Gotlieb, a writer, geographer and lecturer in Israel. He writes about everything from astronomy to the environment and politics in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and other publications. His book, Rise, has just … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Plan A, Plan B and Plan T

The lights are on in Glen Cove, yay! A nor’easter is expected tomorrow, boo! After Hurricane Sandy, another storm is the last thing needed. But the Tool for Tuesday is this: have a plan A, a plan B (for back-up) … Continue reading

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Who’s Gonna Listen to You Complain: Hurricane, Insane, Needless Pain, More Rain…?

Reporting from Glen Cove, Long Island, where Hurricane Sandy is still devastating the population, my sister Cynthia said that on every corner there is a traffic accident (no traffic lights), four-hour wait for gas to fill her car, no credit … Continue reading

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