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Tool For Tuesday: What Is NOT On Your To Do List?

I got a comment from a student at UCLA who thanked me for my blog post, “If You Feel Like S—t, You’re Being Fertilized to Grow.” She said the posts help her and other students. That makes me grateful. I’m … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday. Think Football. Block That Resentment.

OK, we all have someone we love to resent. Our Billboard Top 10 List. Our secret someone. Sometimes it’s almost like a love affair, all that time we waste being angry, hurt, seething at that special someone. We justify it, … Continue reading

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The Apple Can Fall Far From The Tree

Yesterday I wrote my Tool for Tuesday: It’s Your Own Fault. That post reminds us all that blame keeps us wallowing in the past. It is impossible to move forward when we keep replaying the lament about what we didn’t get … Continue reading

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The Love/Anger Acid Test

“I don’t know about you,” my friend Lily was saying, “But it’s so hard for me to feel love toward someone I’m angry with – and to be angry at someone I love.” Lily had just slunk in for a … Continue reading

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Zip the Lip

Wouldya keep your mouth shut? One of the best things I’ve learned about how to make my day run smoother is to get some space between what my brain wants to sputter and what I know my mouth should speak. … Continue reading

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