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One Reason I’m Lighting Hanukkah Candles Again This Year

The following article appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2011 and I’m reprinting it here: This Hanukkah, I’m lighting the candles in memory of Prisoner A-1175. Her name was Marta Paran and that was the number tattooed into her arm … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: “I Can’t Help It,” You Say. Oh, But You Can. One Self-Help Tip That Works. Guaranteed.

Sometimes our responsibilities overwhelm us. Sometimes we just don’t think we can’t make it through another second of our life as it is. Sometimes we don’t think we can ride or move or walk another step, another rotation of the … Continue reading

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Tips For Shy Writers: Once You Publish Your Book, You Have to Learn Marketing

So, you wrote a book. You got it published—whether you self-published it or got someone else to publish it for you, you still need to market yourself and stay in touch with your readers. Even a very successful writer like … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: In A Relationship, Do I Want to Be Right Or Do I Want To Be Happy?

  “Oh I am not going to apologize to him,” my friend Joelle (I wrote about her here) said. “He was wrong. He acted rude. He insulted me.” And yet—it’s three weeks later and almost every day Joelle tells me … Continue reading

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Writer Molly Antopol: “Making Sense of The Scariest Parts of Life Through Writing”

I’m honored to host writer and writing teacher Molly Antopol, whose wonderful collection of short stories, The UnAmericans, will be published in February 2014 by W.W. Norton. You might not have heard of her. Yet. But you will. Diana: Welcome, … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: Get A Habit.

No, I’m not talking about smoking or waiting for the tick-tick-tick toward 5 o’clock so you can pour yourself a drink. From the Latin, habire: to have. Something that gets so regular it becomes instinctive and you can save time … Continue reading

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Q & A: How Do You Stop the Pain of Being Alive?

I got a note from one of my friend Lily’s daughter’s friends, Erica, who agreed to let me share it: “Dysfunctional relationships is all I’ve ever seen and especially at the moment I have my doubts if I will ever … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Four Quick Ways to Eliminate Envy.

Envy is a hostile form of self-pity. I didn’t write that but I wish I did. Oops! I just committed my first act of envy and I was only on the second sentence of this blog. Envy is a hostile … Continue reading

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