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Self-Improvement: Change One Small Thought at a Time

My friend, Joelle, just had a birthday. She got cards and calls from everyone she loves—except for one friend. “I built up a real resentment,” Joelle said. “It didn’t matter that 50 people remembered my birthday—the fact that this one … Continue reading

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Inner Peace: Yeah, You Got to Pour that Love Into Your Own Soul

“You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you.” — Dodinsky We are good people. We shower love on everyone around us—except ourselves. Somehow we forget … Continue reading

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Snowboarder Jamie Anderson: Life in 5 Words

“It’s all about the moment.” That’s Jamie Anderson after winning the gold in slopestyle at the Sochi Olympics on Sunday. That’s all we have. The Moment. We can win the gold medal in our own lives if we focus on … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Mark Your Boundaries.

You are you and they are they. Sometimes, we don’t know where we end and the people we love begin. We want to help people but sometimes we rob them of the failures that they need in order to grow … Continue reading

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Mike Tyson: Life Is Hard But It’s Fair.

  I never thought I’d be quoting Mike Tyson. But here’s real wisdom coming from Iron Mike, and proof that we can learn something from everyone. Whoever crosses our path can be our teacher: “We all feel so sorry for … Continue reading

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