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Big Up Yourself: It’s About Time You Like Being You

Big Up Yourself: It’s About Time You Like Being You gives you the easiest, smartest, and fastest tools to help you big up yourself. What does that mean? To like who you are. Right here and right now. You’ll learn about … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Mark Your Boundaries.

You are you and they are they. Sometimes, we don’t know where we end and the people we love begin. We want to help people but sometimes we rob them of the failures that they need in order to grow … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Pick Your Word for 2014

My word for 2014 (drum roll, please) is DIRECTION. Taking direction, not giving direction to anyone but myself. Knowing my direction and taking the steps necessary to reach my destination. It’s important to have direction. To know where we’re going. Hey, … Continue reading

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Every Thorn in the Desert is a Flower.

    “Every thorn in the desert is a flower,” goes an Israeli expression.   So how do we turn our attitudes around? Sometimes all we see is a thorn. Sometimes we really have to push ourselves into seeing a … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Don’t Force A Solution. The Answer Will Come To You.

Until we are ready to know something or see something, the mystery will stay a mystery. Unless we are absolutely ready to make a change, we’ll  stay stuck in the question, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” So how do we get … Continue reading

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Native-American Know-How: How To Take Care of Yourself First

I have a friend, Will, who’s a Native American. Want to know what the elders told him at a ceremony? “Pray for yourself first. After that, pray for others.” Pray for yourself first. Your first burst of karmic energy is … Continue reading

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Claire Cook: We’ve All Got The Power To Make Our Own Dreams Come True

Best-sellling author Claire Cook’s latest book, Wallflower in Bloom, is a delightful story of Deidre Griffin finally finding her own courage to step out from behind her brother Tag’s shadow. Tag is a famous self-made guru and the book follows … Continue reading

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How Can You Smile After Tragedy?

Why was that man from yesterday’s post smiling? After all he went through — the Resistance, the Holocaust, wars, and on and on, how dare he smile? There are some of us who prefer to keep the thorny crown of martyrdom on … Continue reading

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Case of the Missing Towels, Take 2

This just in from my friend Joelle – the one who likes her apples cut in wedges, not slices. She writes: “I read your post about not letting anyone else’s stupidity and crazy moods affect you… and if you want … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Towels

Remember my friend, Lily? She’s the one who taught me the lesson that “anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” (If you want to read that post, it’s here.) All Lily wanted was new towels.Her boyfriend has ripped, stained, faded, shredded … Continue reading

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