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Jillian Cantor: This Writer’s Secret? Butt in the Chair.

I’m delighted to welcome Jillian Cantor, author of, most recently, The Hours Count as well as Margot, and The Transformation Things, as well as several young adult novels including Searching for Sky and The September Sisters. I had the pleasure … Continue reading

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How to Write a Novel Synopsis. Seven Tips, Do’s and Don’ts. Bonus! Synopsis Samples.

How do you write a synopsis for a novel? This is almost (almost) harder than writing your novel. But there’s a form to follow and that makes it easy. OK, so you wrote a novel. Bravo! You have (I’m hoping) … Continue reading

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First-Time Novelist Amy Sue Nathan: On Women’s Fiction Writing

I am happy to welcome first-time novelist, Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Glass Wives (St. Martin’s Griffin) and founder of a blog for women’s fiction writers, http://womensfictionwriters.wordpress.com/. Diana: So you published your first novel, The Glass Wives. Yay, you! You’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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7 Easy RulesTo Write Your Best Chapter. (Rule 1: Write Your Worst Chapter.)

Got an email from a friend who confessed she was wondering why she was writing. What was the point of it all? Having been there and felt these feelings time and time again, I thought I’d share seven easy rules … Continue reading

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Writing In Appreciation Of Our Own Lives

I’m happy to announce the winners of last week’s writing contest in which I asked you to set a timer and give yourself five minutes to write down everything you love about your life right at this moment, right now. … Continue reading

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How Can You Smile After Tragedy?

Why was that man from yesterday’s post smiling? After all he went through — the Resistance, the Holocaust, wars, and on and on, how dare he smile? There are some of us who prefer to keep the thorny crown of martyrdom on … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important To Write, Write, Write And Write Some More

I was reading Steve Almond’s essay in The New York Times about why writing workshops are so successful. Instead of going to talk therapy – where people talk their stories – they are going to writing classes where they write … Continue reading

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