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One Word At A Time: NaNoWriMo Wants A Novel Out of YOU!

Get cracking. No excuses this time. Join the 151,657 other writers who have already signed up to try to write a 50,000-word novel in November, sponsored by NaNoWriMo. That’s National Novel Writing Month. I loved doing this last year and … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Weekly Book Review: The Lesson of the Book Title

  A woman once approached my friend, Maggie, and asked her in a very smug way, “How could are you at accepting advice and criticism?” Maggie shot her a withering look and said, “I don’t do advice and criticism. Only … Continue reading

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Novelist Gila Green: “10 Things I’ve Learned After Publishing King of the Class”

  Diana: Today I am happy to host Gila Green, author of the novel, King of the Class, published by Now or Never Publishing (www.nonpublishing.com) and is located in Vancouver. Tell us please, how and why you decided to write King … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Be a Poet. Give Yourself Poetic License.

In school you learn how to write: subject, verb, ending, period. The girl went to school. But if you are a poet, you’re given license to mess things up a bit. To school went the girl. Give yourself permission to … Continue reading

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Writing From The Heart: Here’s Your Chance To Sell Your Stuff

I’m a big fan of Danielle LaPorte and I’m happy to announce she’s starting a new magazine full of inspiration and insights. If you are twitching to write, here’s your chance…She’s calling for submissions for the first issue of Danielle, … Continue reading

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Knowledge Means Unlearning

In her poweful book, The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood talks about a future world and the reeducation of women—forcing them to become stupider, depriving them of the right to read, study, work and learn. That’s a frightening prospect because education … Continue reading

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Wanna Be Inspired?

We all live with joys and sorrows and challenges and disappointments and fears and dashed hopes and difficulties. That’s part of membership in the human race. What makes each of us unique is the path we choose to walk. Do … Continue reading

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Little Steps Reap Big Rewards

My friend, Joelle, wants to start a fun rock-and-roll dance class for her friends. She wants to play great music and just dance with other women. She doesn’t want to go to a fancy health club where ­muscular 20-somethings are … Continue reading

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The 6 – 1 People You Need In Your Corner

Postcard of CornellUniversityCheerleader1906 Cheerleading (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 6 – 1   Great blog post in Forbes on the 6 People you need in your corner to accomplish your goals. Jessica Hagy said they were: The Instigater, the Cheerleader, the Taskmasker, … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: As Carl Bass Says, Don’t Swerve the Bus

On Sunday a friend sent me this link to an article in The New York Times about one of our friends from Cornell . During college, Carl – that’s his name, Carl Bass – could be seen walking around snowy, … Continue reading

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