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“Sometimes you don’t need to do anything really courageous to feel like a hero. Sometimes all you have to do is live your life and claim it. Then you can get to a certain moment when you can stand somewhere … Continue reading

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If You Haven’t Heard: HarperCollins Release of A REMARKABLE KINDNESS on August 11, 2015

For those of you who didn’t see my email, I’m delighted to announce that HarperCollins will publish my first novel, A REMARKABLE KINDNESS, on August 11. Perserverance pays off! A REMARKABLE KINDNESS is the story of four American women who … Continue reading

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Writer Dara Horn: On Writing, Kids, and an “Unintentional Medieval Facebook”

I’m honored to host writer Dara Horn, author of A Guide For the Perplexed (WW Norton). Writing in The New York Times, Jami Attenberg called it an “intense, multi-layered story.” Diana: Real-life people—the 12th century Jewish philosopher and physician Moses … Continue reading

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On Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday: That Guy Had Sparkalation.

So what if he had a funny hairdo? The guy was a genius. Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove, bifocals, the odometer. He had sparkalation. (That is me, totally inspired, and inventing a new word.) He was the founder of America’s … Continue reading

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Wanna Be Inspired?

We all live with joys and sorrows and challenges and disappointments and fears and dashed hopes and difficulties. That’s part of membership in the human race. What makes each of us unique is the path we choose to walk. Do … Continue reading

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The Best Way Not to Ruin Somebody Else’s Best Chapter

My younger son read a book — let’s just call it A Good Book for our purposes –and then encouraged my older son to read it. My older son began the book and was reading it at his own pace. This … Continue reading

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Tip: How Not to Walk On Egg Shells

  My friend Joelle called me the other day. She said she was walking on eggshells every time she spoke to her sister because she is scared she’ll say the wrong thing. (You can read about that here.) Then it hit … Continue reading

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Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Badly

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. So much of my day is spent berating myself for not doing things better or faster. For example, the other morning as I was running in the fields by my house, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Really? I Get To Start My Life Over? Like, Right Now?

I am seeking ways to turn the next chapter of my life into the best chapter of my life. I plan to consider all angles – not only what I call the Big Four – body, mind, heart and soul—but … Continue reading

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Are you writing your own best chapter?

Look for your own.  Do not do what someone else could do as well as you.  Care for nothing in yourself but what you feel exists nowhere else – and out of yourself create. . .the most irreplaceable of beings. … Continue reading

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