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The Loving Yourself Book for Women

Hello friends, I am SO EXCITED to announce the upcoming release of my latest book, The Loving Yourself Book For Women. Get ready to boost your self-esteem, heal your inner child, and celebrate the incredible woman you are. I wasted … Continue reading

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Camping Under the Stars in the Galilee

Camping in Israel reminds me why I want to schlep everything to sleep under the moon and stars. Continue reading

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Are You a People-Pleaser?

Then here’s a story for you: The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey A man and his son headed to market with their donkey. A man on a horse passed them and asked, “Why aren’t you riding your donkey?” The … Continue reading

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18 New Year’s Resolutions Ending With: Live The New Year One New Day at a Time.

What’s your word for 2015? Mine is joy. I plan to seek joy each day. We think our time on the planet is limitless but there are only a certain number of hours left. Which is why I spent one … Continue reading

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Six Lessons I Learned from a Dead Bird

  I sat down to eat my breakfast the other day and promptly heard a boom against the window. I looked and saw a bird conked out on the pavement. The bird must have hit the window, conked its head, … Continue reading

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When We Don’t Always Know What’s Best for Us.

In my last blog post, I wrote about looking for spiritual lessons in difficult situations. I wrote about trying my hardest with my step-son, Izzy, to find a way to reach him. I’d made a conscious decision to love him … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: In A Relationship, Do I Want to Be Right Or Do I Want To Be Happy?

  “Oh I am not going to apologize to him,” my friend Joelle (I wrote about her here) said. “He was wrong. He acted rude. He insulted me.” And yet—it’s three weeks later and almost every day Joelle tells me … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Drop the Savior Behavior.

  My friend, Lily, whom I’ve written about here, told me that she had arrived at a new relationship with her new boyfriend on a white horse. She was going to rescue him and clean up his life. And at the … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Drop the Because.

Can I go to the movies, Mom? No, because it costs a lot of money with the popcorn. I won’t buy popcorn. But the soda’s also expensive. I won’t buy soda. The tickets cost a lot. I have my own … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: How Do You Ask For What You Want?

My friend Joelle is about to move to a new apartment. She asked me, “What are good strategies to help me get the most help from Shawn during my move?” Shawn is her off-and-on boyfriend. Right away, can’t you smell … Continue reading

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