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18 New Year’s Resolutions Ending With: Live The New Year One New Day at a Time.

What’s your word for 2015? Mine is joy. I plan to seek joy each day. We think our time on the planet is limitless but there are only a certain number of hours left. Which is why I spent one … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday (And the New Year): Tell Yourself A Story

  Tell yourself a story and make it a good one. You are the hero of this story. You set off on a journey. An adventure. A discovery. You face many obstacles. Dragons, dungeons, floods, fears. You have to walk … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Call A Friend. Share Your Commitment.

I never make new year’s resolutions—I try to make a daily commitment. I call a friend and we share our commitments. I might say, “Today I’m committing to writing at least 1000 words.” She’ll say, “Today I’m committing to going … Continue reading

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