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Positive Acts Build Self-Esteem: Do the Small Things Well

Even if all you’re doing today is hanging up four sad socks (like this photo, taken in China) cleaning up the mess, sweeping the floor (again), changing diapers or flipping burgers, do the small things well. That goes for your … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: 5 Tips on Building Self-Esteem

My friend, Erika–the one who asked me, “How do you stop the pain of being alive?” — asked me another question, “How do you build self-esteem?” “Well, what do you feel like?” “Like I’m 6 years old.” “And what do you … Continue reading

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Most Helpful Hint From Cave Men (And Cave Women) On Making Decisions

One of my daughters was struggling with what to do next with her life. She was overwhelmed with limitless options. I told her: be like a cavewoman. Gather. Gather all the information you need. Don’t do anything else. Just gather … Continue reading

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Doing Our Best At the Little Stuff

 Sometimes I don’t put all my effort into doing the little things. I make my bed each morning but leave the comforter crooked or I hammer a nail but don’t make sure it’s totally straight. I forget that success can … Continue reading

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