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Tool for Tuesday: The Sandwich. Huh?

My friend, Joelle, was off to give her boyfriend “a piece of her mind.” Try the sandwich, I suggested. Huh? The sandwich approach is: two compliments with a suggestion in the middle. That seems to work best. Give a compliment, … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say. And Don’t Say It Meanly.

Last week’s Tool for Tuesday was making sure our actions match our words. That segues into today’s tool which can help us live our best chapter: Say what you mean. Mean what you say. And don’t say it meanly. I … Continue reading

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Zip the Lip

Wouldya keep your mouth shut? One of the best things I’ve learned about how to make my day run smoother is to get some space between what my brain wants to sputter and what I know my mouth should speak. … Continue reading

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