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Hermann Hesse: On Walking the Road to Reach Our True Selves & Nine Other Inspiring Quotes.

  Each man’s life represents a road toward himself. —Herman Hesse Here are nine other inspiring quotes for today to think about. Practice forgiveness. First forgive yourself. Then forgive everyone else. We each live with joys, sorrows, challenges, disappointments, fears, … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: The Sandwich. Huh?

My friend, Joelle, was off to give her boyfriend “a piece of her mind.” Try the sandwich, I suggested. Huh? The sandwich approach is: two compliments with a suggestion in the middle. That seems to work best. Give a compliment, … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: Tips for How to Make Up and Move On

I wrote, “If you’re burning, you’re learning,” in my last post. You can look at it here. (But, “basically speaking,” as my Scottish friend always says, what I wrote was this: We burn inside when we are aware that we … Continue reading

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Life Doesn’t Come to You. You Make it Happen.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Jansen, author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment on my blog here. Liz has great insights into transformation and other subjects. This time round, she interviewed me on her blog. But not … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Act As If.

I know the goal is honesty here, not an Academy Award. But this is a great tool. It’s a skill. If we act as if…. then the feelings catch up. After the death of her father, Joelle said she could … Continue reading

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John Chancellor: Habits…And How To Get Things Done

  I’d like to welcome John Chancellor, Author of Lessons in Life – Stories that Touch the Heart, Teach the Soul who is also one of Amazon’s top 500 book reviewers. I’m eager–as I’m sure you are, too–to hear about him! Diana: … Continue reading

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Psst…You Might Be the Problem.

Really? Moi? A friend called me the other day wanting to vent about her son. Yeah, he’s a rotten egg right now only because he’s 26, lost his job (again), lost his telephone (again), and is behind on the rent … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Get Better or Get Bitter.

Less than two years before my friend—I’ll call her Tracy—died, she found out that her husband was cheating on her. She was furious, obviously. He moved out. A while later, we met for lunch. I told her I was amazed at … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Helen Gurley Brown on Reinvention

Helen Gurley Brown, who died on Monday, wrote in her autobiography, “Having It All” (1982), “I never liked the looks of the life that was programmed for me — ordinary, hillbilly and poor — and I repudiated it from the time … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Try Something Untested and Totally New

A devoted reader of this blog pointed out that yesterday’s interview with Liz Jansen and The Writer’s Almanac with snippets from May Swenson, Walker Percy and Maeve Binchy shared a theme. Transformation. Since I’m a firm believer in synchronicity (the … Continue reading

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