On Motherhood and Self-Publishing: Tania Elfersy, Author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

Tania Elfersy, Author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

Tania Elfersy, Author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries

I’m  happy to welcome Tania Elfersy, author of Purple Leaves, Red Cherries, an award-winning book for Moms. The reflections of the women in the book (interspersed with lovely illustrations) are intimate and emotional and also entertaining. Here’s my interview with Tania:

Diana: Tania, you self-published Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. Do you have suggestions for people interested in self-publishing their own books?

Tania: I have a few useful suggestions:

  1. Educate yourself. Before you start out, read and learn as much as you can on self-publishing. You should be clear why you want to self-publish. You should also be aware that for many self-published authors (myself included), marketing a book requires more energy than writing one.
  2. Publish professionally. If you hope to sell copies of your book and you’d like your readers to enjoy it, invest in the publishing process: hire a professional editor, proofreader and designer.
  3. View your book as your start-up. Hold on to your passion, become business savvy and be prepared to stay around for the long run.

Diana: You’re the mother of small children—how do you set up your schedule to work?

Tania: I start bringing my kids home by 1 pm, so planning my mornings is essential. I write my to-do list the night before and try and complete my most challenging tasks first. My most productive days are often those when I don’t open email or check my social media channels until midday.

Diana: Is there something you do (or try to do!) each day to take care of yourself?

Tania: I try to practice yoga at least three times a week and drink three huge mugs (jugs!) of green and herbal tea each day. With young kids at home, both activities require a high level of dedication!

Finally, what are some of your next Purple Leaves, Red Cherries projects?

In June, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries will be published in Hebrew, which I’m hoping will be the first of many foreign language editions.

I’m also working on additional services that will support new moms in conjunction with the book. One such service is a two part workshop that uses stories from the book to help new moms recognize the impact motherhood has had on their lives, and provides tools to help them cope with the new challenges they face.

Thank you, Tania!

As an extra, you can receive your FREE Mother’s Day gift for mamas worldwide! Download a free Kindle version of the award-winning book for moms, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. Available on all Amazon websites (search “Purple Leaves, Red Cherries”) until 11.59 Pacific Time, May 16, 2013. No Kindle device required. http://amzn.to/161fN7a

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