Question of the Day: How Can You Feel Rich?

Today’s papers are filled with the news about Eva Rausing who was found murdered in her mansion in London. Her husband, Hans Kristian Rausing, was arrested for possession of drugs and might be charge with the crime. The couple met in a rehab center years before. They were among the richest people on earth.

When my kids were little, they used to ask me, “Are we rich?” I’d say, “We’re rich in happiness.”

We often compare our lives to those that seem more glamourous. The lesson is that we all have our private sorrows. Life takes its toll on all of us.

Just for today, how can we feel rich? We can remember to appreciate the abundance of all that we have.




About dianabletter

Diana Bletter is the author of several books, including The Invisible Thread: A Portrait of Jewish American Women (with photographs by Lori Grinker), shortlisted for a National Jewish Book Award. Her novel, A Remarkable Kindness, (HarperCollins) was published in 2015. She is the First Prize Winner of Moment Magazine's 2019 Fiction Contest. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, tabletmag, Glamour, The Forward, The North American Review, Times of Israel, and is a reporter for Israel21C, and many other publications. She is author of Big Up Yourself: It's About Time You Like Being You and The Mom Who Took off On Her Motorcycle, a memoir of her 10,000-mile motorcycle trip to Alaska and back to New York. She lives in a small beach village in Western Galilee, Israel, with her husband and family. She is a member of the local hevra kadisha, the burial circle, and a Muslim-Jewish-Christian-Druze women's group in the nearby town of Akko. And, she likes snowboarding and climbing trees.
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