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Tool For Tuesday: Open That Door. Use Your Eyes.

“Your eyes are the mirror of the soul.” That’s a Yiddish proverb. (I love Yiddish proverbs; for more, see here.) That’s why when you look people in the eye you can make a serious, simmering, solid connection. You can reveal everything … Continue reading

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What Are You Revealing Without Even Knowing It?

Phrenology–the theory that bumps on your head can reflect your character—has been disproven. But it still makes sense. Our thoughts and feelings do show up (sometimes unwillingly) as outer wear. You can spot an angry person, can’t you? Sometimes all you … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday (And the New Year): Tell Yourself A Story

  Tell yourself a story and make it a good one. You are the hero of this story. You set off on a journey. An adventure. A discovery. You face many obstacles. Dragons, dungeons, floods, fears. You have to walk … Continue reading

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