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Welcome One & All to December’s Jewish Book Carnival. Step Right This Way.

Welcome one and all to December 2013’s Jewish Book Carnival! This is a monthly event “where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read, and comment on each others’ posts.” The posts are presented on a participant’s site on the … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: On Fear, And Forgetting Everything’s All Right

Now a word from our sponsor about fear. What’s fear? Forgetting Everything’s All Right. Facing Everything And Recovering. F—K Everything And Run. I love finding new acronyms. Let’s see. Fully Embracing All Reality. (That was off the top of my … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: If It’s Hysterical, It’s Historical.

The Pope & The Rabbi Every time a new Pope is elected, there are many rituals in accordance with tradition, but, there is one tradition that very few people know about. Shortly after a new Pope is enthroned, the Chief Rabbi of Rome seeks … Continue reading

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