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How Your Dog Can Teach You How to Behave

I loved my dog, Happy, because he wasn’t an annoying barker like some dogs. He only barked when he really felt something. If something was truly important or if someone was truly in danger. Why can’t we all be more … Continue reading

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Which Part of Your Body Hurts? And What’s The Spiritual Message?

My friend Lily was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. After treatment, she’s OK and feeling fine. She found a lense on that discusses spiritual meaning of different physical ailments. It’s the soul-body connection. Where was Lily’s cancer? Left breast. … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Call A Friend. Share Your Commitment.

I never make new year’s resolutions—I try to make a daily commitment. I call a friend and we share our commitments. I might say, “Today I’m committing to writing at least 1000 words.” She’ll say, “Today I’m committing to going … Continue reading

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