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Six Lessons I Learned from a Dead Bird

  I sat down to eat my breakfast the other day and promptly heard a boom against the window. I looked and saw a bird conked out on the pavement. The bird must have hit the window, conked its head, … Continue reading

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1 Tool For Tuesday: DIY. Publish? Write? Start a Business? Travel?

One of the biggest literary agencies on the planet represented me for my memoir, The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle. After my agent—I’ll call her Francesca—finished editing it and I’d made the revisions, she invited me into her … Continue reading

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One Really Smart Thing To Do This Year: Choose a Word

My freshman roommate from Cornell, Mary Eldred, whom I’ve written about in The New York Times here, picks a word each year to focus on. In the past, she’s chosen the following words: connections, balance, center, grace, faith, open, and … Continue reading

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True Story About A Dog: If He’s Happy, Then I’m Happy

So, we had to give away our dog, Happy. He’s a Hungarian Vizsla, a gorgeous dog, loyal and smart and easy-going, affectionate and true. And I wasn’t even a dog-lover before I met this dog seven years ago. But I … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: Life Isn’t Fair. Period.

The Canadian women’s soccer team was leading 3-2 against the Americans in the semi-finals at the Olympics. Canadian goalkeeper Erin McLeod caught a ball and fell on the grass. She took 4 seconds to get up, then took another 10 … Continue reading

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Are You Your Own Best Cheerleader?

Are you your own best cheerleader? There are some mornings when I really dread getting up, getting dressed, getting out of the house. Then I have to give myself a rah-rah-rah just to keep going. One of the most important … Continue reading

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Stop and Surrender

Sometimes I go kicking and fighting into the next chapter of my life. Sometimes I don’t want to follow through on the marching orders that I’ve been given. It could be a divorce, a move to another apartment, a new … Continue reading

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What Can You Do When Someone You Love is Down in the Dumps?

What do you do when the person you love is down in the dumps? It’s hard to see someone you love so depressed. My friend Mike wrote me that when his wife is miserable, she wears her shoulders for earrings. … Continue reading

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Turning the Negative Into the Positive

  OK, I know that’s easier said than done…But how do we make a lousy situation a little better? I was sharing this concept with my friend, Emma, this morning. She was having a hard time dealing with her boss, … Continue reading

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