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Tool for Tuesday: As Carl Bass Says, Don’t Swerve the Bus

On Sunday a friend sent me this link to an article in The New York Times about one of our friends from Cornell . During college, Carl – that’s his name, Carl Bass – could be seen walking around snowy, … Continue reading

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How Not to Go to A Wantologist – Just Read This – It’s For Free

Wow! Did you know there’s a therapist (in California, obviously) specializing in “wantology”? As with any “—ology” from anthropology to zoology, it means the study of something; a wantologist specializes in the study of wants. So today’s post, with hats … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important To Write, Write, Write And Write Some More

I was reading Steve Almond’s essay in The New York Times about why writing workshops are so successful. Instead of going to talk therapy – where people talk their stories – they are going to writing classes where they write … Continue reading

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