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Tool For Tuesday: Worst Things First.

Gold medal Olympian swimmer John Naber said, “Do you know the difference between discipline and responsibility? “Responsibility means keeping the promises you make to others.  Discipline means keeping the promises you make to yourself.” So here (thank you to Melody … Continue reading

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Use What You’ve Got. Want What You Already Have.

A farmer was trying to get her geese to lay golden eggs. She played her flute, hoping to inspire them. She played and played. A few eggs plopped out but not one of them was golden. “Did you have a … Continue reading

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Life Doesn’t Come to You. You Make it Happen.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Jansen, author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment on my blog here. Liz has great insights into transformation and other subjects. This time round, she interviewed me on her blog. But not … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Act As If.

I know the goal is honesty here, not an Academy Award. But this is a great tool. It’s a skill. If we act as if…. then the feelings catch up. After the death of her father, Joelle said she could … Continue reading

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What Do Successful People Know? Laura Vanderkam Says: Small Things Equals Great Power.

I’m a big fan of Laura Vanderkam, and her latest book, What the Most Successful People Do at Work, continues to nudge me (in totally supportive ways) that I can get more tick for my tock. That’s the equivalent of … Continue reading

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Most Helpful Hint From Cave Men (And Cave Women) On Making Decisions

One of my daughters was struggling with what to do next with her life. She was overwhelmed with limitless options. I told her: be like a cavewoman. Gather. Gather all the information you need. Don’t do anything else. Just gather … Continue reading

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7 Sure Ways to Change the World Over the Weekend

  Yes, there are 7 sure ways to change the world over the weekend. Not talking about the big world, I’m talking about your world. The world around you, which is the only world we have. When you open your … Continue reading

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Quora Question: What Do You Do When Someone You Love is Depressed Or Sad?

Found on Quora – a question and answer site, this question: What do you do when someone you love is depressed or sad? There is nothing we can do but be quiet. Listen. But there are 12 Things You can … Continue reading

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Filling Our Own Well

My friend Carol always says, “We have to fill our own well.” That is just like the link on Gretchen Rubin‘s Happiness Project blog. She wrote that we need to be emotionally self-sufficient to get closer to other people. If … Continue reading

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Don’t Listen to Your Mother On This One: Talk to Strangers

I’m happy to share my interview David Topus, author of Talk to Strangers; How Everyday, Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income and Life (John Wiley and Sons, 2012), a surprising look at how opening yourself up to strangers … Continue reading

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