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Tool For Tuesday: If You Feel Like S**t, You’re Being Fertilized To Grow

For my older daughter Amalia’s 19th birthday, my 18-year-old younger daughter Libby bought her a compost shed. What better celebration for the earth than a girl getting an ugly black plastic box to recycle garbage rather a coupon for the … Continue reading

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Who’s Gonna Listen to You Complain: Hurricane, Insane, Needless Pain, More Rain…?

Reporting from Glen Cove, Long Island, where Hurricane Sandy is still devastating the population, my sister Cynthia said that on every corner there is a traffic accident (no traffic lights), four-hour wait for gas to fill her car, no credit … Continue reading

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Tool For Tuesday: Pray Up

If you feel like you’ve reached the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on. Hurricane Sandy is on a path of destruction. To all my friends in harm’s way, I am holding you in the light. Nothing to … Continue reading

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On Pomegranates and Procrastination

Did you ever see pomegranates hanging on a tree? They are nature’s Christmas baubles! Jonny and I bicycled into a pomegranate orchard yesterday. At first I wasn’t going to bring a camera. And I wasn’t even going to go…I thought, … Continue reading

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Change From The Inside Out.

I remember how hopeful I was at the start of the so-called Arab Spring. Ah, naïve me. I thought there would be a push forward but instead it’s a step back. But moving from the political into the personal, here’s … Continue reading

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The Funny Thing About Surviving in the Alaskan Wilderness

I watched a movie about Heimo and Edna Korth, a couple living near the Arctic Circle in the Alaska wilderness. The link is at the end of the blog so you can hit it afterwards. The focus was on Heimo’s … Continue reading

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True Story About A Dog: If He’s Happy, Then I’m Happy

So, we had to give away our dog, Happy. He’s a Hungarian Vizsla, a gorgeous dog, loyal and smart and easy-going, affectionate and true. And I wasn’t even a dog-lover before I met this dog seven years ago. But I … Continue reading

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Want Joy? Remember He’s the Sandpaper. You’re the Wood.

Everyone is in our lives for a reason. Someone annoying you today? Thank him. Thank him because your soul needs him to learn a spiritual lesson. You need the annoying driver in front of you to teach you patience. You … Continue reading

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Tool for Tuesday: Admit it. Sometimes You’re a Bitch.

When are you a bitch? And men, you can join right in. When you admit that sometimes you can be a bitch, that you’re not always a saint, that you don’t always act like Mother Theresa, that even Mother Theresa … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: Sometimes People Can’t Say the Words We Long to Hear

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! For my friend, Sam, the one with the tropical fish who shared the reminder, “don’t let other people live rent free in your head” (you can read that here), it’s a bittersweet day. He’s … Continue reading

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